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Beer Can Actually Be Healthy for Your Teeth

Who would have thought that beer of all beverages can actually be beneficial to your oral health? In moderation of course! There are many styles and ingredients that go into beer brewing that first need to be taken in to account.

Like coffee and red wine, darker beer has the potential to stain your teeth—particularly beer brewed with roasted barley or black malt. Such dark beer includes porters, stouts, and Scottish ales. Beer brewed and aged with fruits can also put you at risk for stains. Additionally, darker beer has a higher natural acidity over the lighter beers such as pale ales, India pale ales, and pilsners.

Fret not, as there is a positive side to drinking beer and your oral health. Lighter colored beers that are heavy on unroasted barley and hops are loaded with calcium and silicon. Together, the calcium and silicon strengthen teeth, bones, hair, and nails. Beer heavy in hops also contains compounds such as tannins, an antioxidant, as well as compounds that have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial characteristics.

So, you’re a beer lover and you’re also conscious of your oral health? Stick to pale and India pale ales that are heavy on the hops for your tannic acid antioxidant intake and stick to lighter craft beers brewed with barley malts for your calcium and silicone intake. Stray away from macro, or industrialized beer, which is typically brewed with corn or rice and offers fewer health benefits. Cheers!