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What Exactly Is
Dental Prosthesis

Missing teeth can affect your teeth functionality and smile aesthetic to a great extent. Well, you can restore both of them with Dental Prosthesis. A dental prosthesis is used to reconstruct intraoral problems i.e., missing teeth, missing parts of teeth, and missing soft or hard structure of jaw and palate as well. A dental prosthesis specialist is known as Prosthodontics. The dental equipment used in this procedure includes crowns, dentures, bridges, dental implants, veneers and some of them can be detachable or permanently fixed in the patient’s mouth.

Dental Prosthesis

There are several steps involved in making of prosthesis-

  1. First step – is taking the precise impression, it is done so that the prosthesis base is fully adapted to the basal seat in the patient’s mouth.
  2. Second step – bite registration, which is done to determine the relative position of jaws and teeth, to fit the dental prosthesis perfectly.
  3. Third step – setting artificial teeth in a mock-up, is a trial process in which the patient can give feedback on the set, based on the feedback prosthesis is adjusted and finalised.
  4. Last step – precise finalizing, all the corrections are made in this step to achieve the perfect teeth set through mock-up and then the final dental prosthesis is made.

Making dental prosthesis involves dental specialist and dental laboratory technician both.

Various types of Prosthesis-

  • Fix dental prosthesis – A patient requires a permanent solution by fixing a dental prosthesis if he/she has no teeth at all. These should be taken care of and should be clean as it were their natural teeth.
  • Removal of dental prosthesis – these dentures are removable, as these are screwed in and mounted on the dental implants. It provides security and simplicity to the patients.
  • Implants supported prosthesis – dental implants are placed into bone of the jaw. These are placed into the root of the teeth and can replace one or several teeth.
  • Dentures – these are fractional and replace a few false teeth or rows of false teeth.
  • Veneers – Veneers are thin shells. These are used to cover the discoloured or chipped teeth and enhances the appearance.
  • Basic metal prosthesis – metallic prosthesis is the most commonly used dental prostheses. These are made up of various metal alloys.
  • Hybrid dental prosthesis – this is most appropriate for the cases in which the bone loses its volume due to teeth lessness.

There are two types of dental prosthesis, one is complete or full dentures and the second one is partial dentures. Complete or full dentures are made for patients who have lost all their teeth. These are additionally fixed by dental implants. The complete or full denture has a larger base that rests on the mucosa and creates a feeling like a foreign body in the mouth.

The patients having several own natural teeth can go with Partial dentures. Partial dentures are fixed to the remaining teeth, thus anchored in the mouth. Impede speech, mucosae and tongue movement can be disturbed by some of the denture parts.

Most of the patients get used to dentures easily, while some of the patients require a bit longer time to get along with dentures. This depends on the factors like the condition inside the patient’s mouth, construction of prosthesis and the age of the patient. Patients get used to dentures more quickly when there is a shorter period between teeth absence and getting a dental denture. It is because the basal seat is more favourable for the construction of dental prosthesis and the bone crest is also preserved better.

To get used to the dental prosthesis and learn how to control it, patience is the key. A new denture establishes a new relationship between the jaws, it also changes the chewing pattern thus, and the patients require getting used to the new dentures whenever it is changed. Older patients usually choose to rebase the existing dentures, instead of making a new one.

Rebasing does the minor changes to dentures and improves the existing shape of it, thus getting used to it is not necessary.

Costs Pocket-friendly!

A dental prosthesis is less expensive than a dental implant. It can last a lifetime long with regular check-ups and proper oral hygiene. Dentistry has improved to a great extent and thus not require much effort to get used to dental prosthetics.

What Follow-up Care Is Necessary after Dental Prosthesis!

Happy to have the gap you had in your mouth and to avoid further embarrassment of Missing Teeth. Well, you must take proper precaution or you might face bad infections after implantation. So this follow-up care is necessary for avoiding infection issues and greeting perfect smile.

  1. Proper Medication during the procedure.
  2. There might be general discomforts like pain and little bleeding but need not worry take prescribed aid by your dentist. The bleeding will stop within 4 to 6 hours.
  3. If the pain and bleeding are unusual and more, definitely visit the dentist and get treatment.
  4. Mild fever or headache is normal. Just take the prescribed medicine and rest a lot.
  5. Never stand up from sleeping or lying position too quick or u might feel dizzy.
  6. Dental Hygiene is a must. Do clean your mouth gently in 48 hours with half a tablespoon of salt and four to five ounces of warm water.
  7. Narcotic drugs generally make you feel dizzy and slow your reflexes. Drink Milkshakes and Smoothie for cool comfort, relax the pain and will keep your stomach full.

Let’s Get New Tooth and Roll

Dental prostheses help patients feel more comfortable and confident by treating missing teeth or by making discoloured teeth look more attractive. If a prosthesis might be the solution to your dental problem, make an appointment with MY DENTIST NOW or a prosthodontist to discuss your options for getting a perfect smile.

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