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Ever Wondered Why Your Mouth Heals Faster Than The Rest of Your body?

Cutting your mouth happens more times than you’d probably prefer counting. For many, eating croutons or a stray cracker can be a treacherous task. Although it initially causes irritation and pain, it heals in mere hours—faster than an elbow scrape or paper cut. But why is that?

In contrast to the skin tissue on the outside of the body, mouth tissue has a tendency to repair itself faster for numerous reasons. First, the mouth is mostly mucous tissue, therefore it is structurally “simpler” to create and remodel than exterior skin. Another reason is that the head and neck receives a lot of blood supply, so although the wound may appear to bleed more being in such close proximity with the head and neck, it increases the speed in which the blood clots and heals.

So, the next time you have a cut in your mouth, don’t fret; it will heal quickly. And if it is not healing quick enough, there are other ways to help speed up the healing process. Try to swish around salt water to help with seal the wound, or use a black tea bag that contains tannins to help prevent infection.