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What Exactly Is
Invisible Braces

An irresistible smile with straight teeth is a winner any day. Braces are very common and very popular method of revitalizing that irresistible smile. Wire and bracket braces are mostly used for this purpose and are quite unattractive. Invisible braces are barely visible and are a great alternative to wire/bracket braces.

However, invisible braces are not very suitable for complex misalignment cases and are better treated by traditional metal wire braces. Invisible braces are best in treating Overbite or overjet, Crowded or widely spaced teeth and crooked teeth.

These invisible braces are specially designed for the adults and older teenagers. For the younger teenager and children, tradition metal braces with brackets/wire are recommended. However, your dentist or orthodontist are the only ones that can tell you if you are an eligible candidate.

Types of Invisible braces

1. Clear Aligners-

Clear aligners such as invisalign braces involves a series of plastic aligners known as tray. The trays move teeth into an alignment. Trays are not completely invisible but are ensured that they are hardly detectable. These clear aligners are ideal for treating underbite, overbite, crooked teeth, overcrowding and gaps between teeth. Clear aligners are suitable to treat most of the orthodontic cases. The trays are quite uncomfortable initially but involves no pain. Clear aligners can be removed occasionally for eating, drinking or any kind of special events. These aligners do not have metal wires and brackets thus lowers the discomfort than metal braces. These clear aligners take more time for the treatment as they are removable and requires a lot of self-discipline and consistency. These are provided in sets and as they are removable, it’s easier to misplace or lose them. Losing them may result delay in treatment.

Cost – In India, the cost of clear aligners varies from 50,000 INR to 175,000 INR. The cost of these aligners depend upon the city you live and the reputation of your orthodontist. If you live in a metropolitan city then the cost of your aligner will be much higher than a tier 3 city. Same goes for the orthodontists, more the reputation, more is the cost. The complexity of your case also determines the costs of your clear alignments.

2. Ceramic Braces-

Ceramic braces or clear braces are made up of composite material. These material are weaker but more brittle than metal brackets. Transparent braces are not as effective as the traditional metal braces and clear alignment. The brackets of clear braces are a bit larger than traditional metal braces. These can be felt under your upper lip and are more noticeable than clear aligners. Clear braces require rubber bands or ligature. The ligatures are white or clear, thus can stain. Similar to metal braces these clear braces also cannot be removed, until the treatment is completed. As they are non-removable, can cause a discomfort.

Cost– The cost of ceramic braces in India ranges between 15,000 INR to 50,000 INR. This again depends on the city and the orthodontist. The cost also depends on the time period of your treatment and complexity of your case.

3. Inside braces

Inside braces also known as lingual braces are attached to the back of the teeth. As lingual braces are placed inside of the teeth, they are hidden from view. Lingual braces are not comfortable and are difficult to maintain. These braces are best for the people who are conscious about wearing clear aligners or ceramic braces on front of the teeth. Lingual braces are not removable and thus have the negligible chance to be misplaced. Elastics can be used with lingual braces to accelerate the treatment. Since lingual braces require computer customisation, these are costlier than traditional braces. As the lingual braces use the computer technology, many of the orthodontists are not experienced and not even comfortable in performing this treatment. Patient can face some discomfort in speech, maintaining the dental hygiene and plaque removal.

Cost– The cost of lingual braces vary from 72,000 INR to 190,000 INR. It again depends on your city and the level of experience your orthodontist has. It also depends on the duration of treatment.

Duration of each Treatment

The duration of treatment determined by factors that include the complexity of your case and kind of braces you are wearing. On an average, the duration of the treatment is from 18 to 24 months, but can be longer for some patients. Typically, traditional metal wire braces are the fastest option, but talking about invisible braces, Invisalign (clear aligner) almost takes the same duration.

Clear aligners takes 12-18 months on an average. The next most efficient option are the ceramic braces and inside braces are the slowest option.

Digital treatment planning will always ensure the fast results. So, you can always choose an orthodontist who uses digital planning treatment.

Right time to get braces

Every individual has a different case. One can start an orthodontic treatment at the age of 7 and has no upper limit in terms of age.

Post Treatment care

  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day to ensure your oral hygiene. Healthier the teeth, better would be the treatment results.
  • Regular visits to your dentist for follow-up checks. Follow all the instructions and suggestions given by your orthodontist.
  • The treatment duration may vary with the complexity of your case, be patient. The teeth takes time to align accordingly.

Points to cover your frequent doubts

  • Time taken to put braces on – it usually takes 1-2 hrs to finish the procedure after bonding the dental braces.
  • Teeth extraction in treatment – in most of the cases orthodontists do not prefer extraction for fixing braces. It also depends on the seriousness of crowding issue, one or two teeth can be removed.
  • Colour of the braces – These come in variety of colours and it totally depends on patient’s choice. Ceramic and Transparent one is best to choose.

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