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Tooth decay is one of the most common problems across the world. Over 30-40% of adults suffer from tooth decay and cavities. If we consider all age including children and adults 49% of them suffer from the same. The reason being the lack of dental hygiene and periodic dental check-up. Dental Cavity happens when tooth enamel softens. The softens of enamel is due to exposure to acid by bacteria and plaque. This leads to the damaged tooth.

The continuous exposure to bacteria and plaque acid, first the enamel softens and then the infection spread to the inner layer of the tooth called dentin. This leads to inflammation, infection and severe tooth pain. This happens because the inner layer, nerves are exposed to plaque acid. Dental cavities are the major reason for tooth decay. The bacteria in the mouth process sugar and carbohydrates into acid leading to tooth decay and severe pain.

Causes of Tooth Decay

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Formation of dental plaque
  • Consuming a lot of sugar
  • Dry mouth.

Symptoms of Tooth Decay:

  • Severe Toothache
  • Increase in tooth sensitivity.
  • Pain while chewing or biting food.
  • Having a hole in the tooth and black colour filling.

Tooth decay is a serious problem and can lead to severe injury to your mouth. But no need to worry. Root Canal is the best treatment for this issue and a very authentic treatment carried by the dentist all across the world.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is one of the most common treatments performed by Endodontist. Endodontist are those who are specialised in Root Canal Treatment and other Endodontist treatment. Root Canal Treatment is done to relieve a patient from the pain, inflammation between pulp and tooth.

It is most common that people fear root canal treatment. They shudder and shiver when they hear they have to go under root canal treatment. Not anymore! Considering the suffering one is going due to inflammation and infection it is a cost-viable treatment. It isn’t painful treatment considering the latest technologies at MY DENTIST NOW. The dental specialist is now totally equipped with pieces of equipment that make this treatment cost-effective and less painful.

In this treatment, the dental specialist removes the infection and fill the root canal and cover it with a cap which makes it a whole new tooth and no pain. A root canal is done to save your tooth. Root canal is the best treatment for the tooth which are chipped or have cracked. The infection and the pulp are removed easily to make the patient suffer less.

Procedure of Root Canal Treatment:

The root canal is the most inner part of the tooth where all the nerves and blood vessels are located. These blood vessels supply various nourishments to the tooth keeping it in shape. If this part gets infected it leads to severe pain, swelling of soft tissues and inflammation leading to tooth decay. Various diagnostic procedures are carried like radiography, mobility check and others. After the diagnosis, the dentist suggests whether to carry a root canal or not. If yes, amnesia is provided to the part to go through less pain treatment. The dentist then removes the pulp and clean the root canal f=by the help of files. In between saline is put in to clean thoroughly. The root canal is now cleaned and shaped to carry the next treatment procedure. Next, the root canal is filled with temporarily filling to remove any infection left. In the next appointment with your dentist, there will be a proper permanent restoration done and covered with a crown to avoid any further infection in the same tooth and also provide strength to the tooth.

Many may feel some numbness or dizziness and fever but can be treated with the medicine prescribed by an endodontist. The success rate of root canal treatment is 95% however some may feel problems and discomfort which can be reduced by the medication prescribed and the follow-up care advised by the dentist. One must pay attention to the advice and must keep oral hygiene by regular flossing and brushing tooth.

Recovery Period:

The recovery depends on the extent of infection. The dentist does provide some pain medications and antibiotics to keep the infection away. However, one takes one to two weeks to recover from the treatment. It is a short treatment and takes no long time to recover. After the treatment, there are no pain and discomfort like sensitivity or anything. If you feel a little discomfort take the medication or visit the dentist again for a check-up.

Cost-effective Treatment:

The cost isn’t too much but it also depends on the extent of infection and tooth decay. The location of the tooth, number of seating to be done and the infection quantity suggest the payment. Every doctor or dentist believes in pocket-friendly treatment, to gain the trust of the patient. It provides you with a lot of comforts so need not worry about the cost.

Ready for Root Canal Treatment:

Root canal treatment is no longer a painful procedure with the latest advancement and technique it is one of the most common treatment these days. Scared of cavity eating your tooth. Book an appointment with MY DENTIST NOW, and take the infectious pulp out. Let’s take care of your tooth and the decay in simple methods. Cost-friendly treatment and more comfortable for to rest of your life.

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