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14 years, student

I was very afraid of dentists and would run away every time I was asked to visit a dentist.
At My Dentist, I was happy with the doctors, they were very gently and caring.

Mrs Nandakumari,
60 years, homemaker

For my front part teeth, treatment done by My Dentist doctors was excellent.
I had a gum problem and my teeth were getting discolored.
Now I can confidently talk to people.


Mydentist, was a very good experience. Very hygienic and neat. The doctors were warm and caring. I was under severe pain and thought I needed a root canal, but eventually the doctors got my problem solved a deep leaning and some fillings.
I liked the concept of minimum dentistry there.


I had a bad accident and lost most of my teeth moreover the remaining ones were badly damaged.

The damage was so severe that the doctor in my native refused to treat me and after doing first aid, referred me to Dr Harshita at My Dentist in Bangalore. She patiently restored all my lost and broken teeth and gave me my smile back.

I came out of nervous depression and got my life back. Very thankful to Dr Harshita and My Dentist for saving my life.

works in a MNC Bank

As part of the routine checkup, the doctors at Mydentist detected a tumor of 8mm in size. They comforted me and told me not to panic.

The doctors then took x-ray and samples for lab testing; once it was confirmed that the tumor was not cancerous the doctors removed it, did a bone graft to compensate for loss of bone. The tumor had infected my tooth, the doctors saved my tooth by doing a root canal and protected it with a ceramic cap that looks all natural.

Its been 8 years and I am perfectly alright. I keep visiting My Dentist regularly as I now know the importance of routine checkups.

Lives in Canada

The doctors are very good, they are effective, professional and very friendly.
They are equipped to handle complex issues and give a personalized care and treatment. I recommend them to everyone.

Vijay Kansana
works for a MNC

The doctors are very good, I had a very good experience with MyDentist.
They provide a wide range of treatment options and are give me good advice. They have the latest equipment and technology which is good.

Consulted Dr. Harshita Choudhary (Dentist) for Dental Fillings

I appreciate her availability over emails even during this difficult time. Had a great experience visiting her Bellandur clinic. The team has taken utmost care about hygiene and infact about everything. I am very happy with Dr.Harshita’s treatment and would surely recommend to anybody who is looking out for better dental care.

Thank you, My Dentist team.


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Copyright 2021 MyDentist. All rights reserved.