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Tips on How to Improve Your Smile for Summer

Summer can be a time of vacationing, breaks from school, BBQs, and a lot of outdoor events. With such a busy social calendar, the summer is a great time to start changing your habits to improve your smile. Below are six easy tips to improve your smile for the summer (or any time of the year!)

1. Schedule a dental check-up: Spring and summer time are the best times to consult with your dentist for upcoming procedures. Since schedules are less hectic and more carefree.
2. Purchase an at-home-teeth-whitening kit: With most store-bought kits offering up to six weeks of daily treatments, summer is a perfect opportunity to get your teeth porcelain white. Used once daily in the morning or after your nightly teeth-brushing session, at-home-teeth-whitening kits make for a quick and easy procedure.
3. Start carrying floss and mouthwash with you: In the summer time, you may find yourself out and about into the wee hours of the morning. It is always handy to have your floss and mouthwash for a quick freshening-up when you don’t have an opportunity to brush your teeth.
4. Use plaque locator products: There are many products on the market from specialized floss, mouthwash, swabs, and tablets to help point out the plaque that you may have missed while brushing your teeth. With these products, you can start identifying the areas you typically miss, and correct your brushing techniques accordingly to remove as much plaque as you can.
5. Purchase a clear retainer for straighter teeth: Whether it is from your dental professional or a take-home kit, clear retainers are always a smart product to begin using at any time. If you get in the habit of wearing it every night, your teeth will remain straight, have less abrasions from grinding, and help keep your bite aligned.
6. Keep clear of sugary soda and sports drinks: Summertime can be filled with drinks that are abrasive for your teeth, like soda, sports drinks, lemonade, and other sugary or acidic beverages. If you reduce consumption of these beverages, your teeth will have a better chance of remaining white, be less prone to cavities, and it will help retain your enamel from dissolving away from acidic products and citrus.